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The Source | Brand Identity & Packaging


The Source


Saudi Arabia



The Source, is a small coffee shop and restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, strategically located near the Gulf region, where it intends to expand business and open new branches.

The name “The Source” means the origin, the source, which indicates, for example, the journey of the ingredients from the original source to the coffee to the table of its consumers. The store offers high quality coffee and healthy snacks for a target audience that likes natural products and a cozy environment where they can relax.
The store sought us out to develop a visual identity that could be noticed in an already competitive region, through which it could express its commitment to its customers and specialized suppliers. We started by designing a contemporary logo with exclusive characters that work in its reductions and applications. 

Then we reflected this with the black, brown and white colors that already exist inside the store. The colors allude to the brand’s main values ​​and provide a contemporary look. To reinforce the brand presence, we emphasize colors along with a modern graphic pattern, designing elegant, simple and dynamic packaging.